A step-by-step guide to the CTX Governance Token

<aside> 💡 TLDR: CTX is a governance token that powers and secures the Cryptex Finance protocol. Holders of CTX can stake and delegate their CTX, helping further develop the Cryptex Finance Ecosystem.


What is CTX?

CTX is an ERC20 token powering the Cryptex Finance Protocol and enables community governance. Holders can vote on proposals, upgrades, and treasury management.

The token address for CTX on Ethereum Mainnet is: 0x321C2fE4446C7c963dc41Dd58879AF648838f98

The token address for CTX on Arbitrum is: 0x84F5c2cFba754E76DD5aE4fB369CfC920425E12b

What are the Tokenomics of CTX?

CTX has a maximum supply of 10,000,000. The circulating supply is increased by:

For more information, please see the detailed breakdown here.

How Does CTX Governance Work?

Phase 1: Talk it Out:

Anyone can suggest an idea in the Cryptex Forum's Ideas category. The community will discuss it. If enough people like the idea, it will go to Phase 2.

Phase 2: Make a Proposal:

If the idea is popular, someone can post a Cryptex Improvement Proposal in the Proposals category and can start a Snapshot Vote. CTX holders can vote on the idea. The forum post must have a link to the vote and people from the DAO must take action. The Snapshot vote must have a majority in favor for the proposal to move to an on-chain vote.

Phase 3: On-Chain Vote:

If the Snapshot vote works out, anyone with more than 100,000 CTX can make a proposal on the Cryptex Governance Module. On-chain voting needs a majority in favor of the proposal and 400,000 CTX must vote for it to succeed. Voting lasts 3 days.

Phase 4: Take Action:

If the on-chain vote works out, the idea will be implemented in the Cryptex Governance Module after a 2-day timelock.

Where Can I Get CTX?


Coinbase, Gemini, & Huobi


Uniswap & SushiSwap

Where Can I Stake CTX?

CTX is available to stake on the Cryptex Finance dApp.