Sewage Fruitz Explained

Sewage Fruitz is a collection of 2,500 upgradable NFTs created from the depths of the Ethereum Blockchain. It is a reward to all members of the Cryptex Finance community, grown out of dark substances in the yard of Mushroom Man as he spreads his spores worldwide.

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Why Hold Sewage Fruitz?

Holding a Sewage Fruitz PFP unlocks a user's ability to go on quests within the Cryptex Finance ecosystem. These quests involve completing tasks that will be unlocked inside the DAO. Sewage Fruitz holders can earn upgrades, badges, and CTX (the Cryptex Finance protocol governance token available on Coinbase, Gemini, Huobi, and more) by burning them in the future based on their achievements.

Where can you get Sewage Fruitz?

Sewage Fruits can be purchased on any secondary market NFT platform.